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Solar system

    I started astrophotography with a Olympus 3040 digital camera adapted to a 32mm eyepiece, my 8" Schmidt Cassegrain telescope( with clock drive), a computer with a camera control program, and 30ft of usb cable going out to the front yard. This is what got me hooked.
    I then bought a SAC7 (modified web cam). This camera is good for Lunar, Solar and planetary imaging. It is not sensitive enough for deep sky, but great for learning and getting started. 
    Next I purchased a Starlight Express Hx916 CCD camera.  This is a 1.3 mega pixel camera that takes beautiful images  @ 1300 x 1030 pixels. This is what I am sticking with for a while.
    Of course I had to build an observatory. It is a roll off roof with power, Cat5,  phone lines, & computer. I made the pier myself from a 6" well casing, made a double saddle for imaging scope and guide scope and attached a ST-4 autoguider.

Well I finally named it.

List of equipment used:
Vixen R200ss 8" Newtonian
6" (152mm)Apogee ,f 8 refractor
8" B&L SCT, f 10
80mm Stellarvue AT1010, f 6
Orion 80 ED
10" Newtonian
TeleVue NP127is
PC w/ Astroart, Megastar, AIP4WIN2
LXD 55 mount w/ Autostar
Losmandy G-11
ST-4 Autoguider
Sac7 ccd camera
Starlight Express Hx916 ccd camera
Atik filter wheel w/ custom scientific RGB filters
CS 10nm Hydrogen Alpha filter
Olympus 3040 digital camera

Decided to go ahead and build observatory. It is raised over 2 feet, due to flooding from stream, which floods 2x a year.

My Machine shop

 Homemade dovetail plates, guide scope rings, side by side plates, fine focusers, T-rings, visual backs, piers and pier adapters, observatory,...

5 1/2" Guidescope rings made on lathe & Mill
12" center, dual saddle made on milling machine
interior w/ Tele Vue NP127is on G-11