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I've loved astronomy ever since my Mother got me my first telescope with S&H greenstamps. I must have been around 9 yrs old. Then in 1985 my Father got us a Bausch and Lomb 8" Schmidt Cassegrain. Only recently have I become more involved in this hobby. I met a few great people, locally, that were also very passionate about astronomy, and it didn't take long before we started a group called the Orange County Astronomical Association.

If you are interested in viewing with us, want to join our club, or you are a beginner and want to learn, click on link below to see OCAA site. 


Northeast Astro-imaging conference

Jim Burnell's AIP4WIN

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Witch's broom/ AT66ED/Ha=10x8min,S2&O3=7x8min

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Backround image: The Eagle nebula. Credit: NASA,ESA, STScI/AURA
                               Hubble 15 year anniversary